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Almac Metal Industries offers an infrastructure built upon continuous improvement and expertise that allows us to engage with your project of any level of scale or complexity.

As a result, we bring forward solutions that are creative, timely and cost effective.

At Almac, we do more than create metal buildings. We build long-term relationships based on the expert advice and solutions we offer all of our clients.


We’ve heard you and have structured our resources to fully support your total needs in order to make your projects seamless from initial consultation through to site completion or any place in between. One place, one provider.


Almac’s metal buildings are designed to meet our customers’ unique needs. Whether you require a self framing, rigid-framed, or pre-engineered metal building, we will supply it based on your needs for size, style, materials, and accessories.


Most of our buildings are made with 16-inch panels to add strength and rigidity.




Read on to learn about the types of buildings we offer:



Almac’s self framing buildings are supplied to customers in complete packages. You can choose to have your buildings erected on-site or shipped already erected from our manufacturing facility. They are also available in knock-down packages for you to assemble.



Almac Metal Industries Ltd. manufactures our rigid steel frames in-house as part of our commitment to offering clients one-stop shopping. Almac’s rigid steel frames are excellent for unobstructed spaces and can be designed to meet any height and span.

Steel frame structures are a great choice if you need:


  • Large framed openings 

  • Heavy duty equipment supports

  • Suspension requirements

  • Overhead cranes 

  • Monorails

  • Vertical lift doors

Many additions can be added to the framework such as our wall and roof systems, building accessories, and equipment, to create a complete and functional building.



Almac Chem-Guard buildings feature:


  • Constructed of non-combustible structural 22-gauge steel

  • All structural steel skid

  • Anti-static, anti-spark coated steel bar grating floor enables visual inspection of sumps

  • Floor grating designed for 300 pound per square foot loading

  • Heavy-duty 4’ x 7’ door, complete with panic hardware and non-removable pin hinges

  • Secondary containment sumps constructed of heavy 12-gauge steel and finished with chemical resistant epoxy coating to resist corrosion and chemical attack

  • Gravity ventilation package consisting of wall louver and roof turbine

  • Interior wall bumper system to prevent drum/building damage

  • Door placard holder



Our self framing buildings can be turned into modular units with the addition of steel skids, which we manufacture in-house.



Almac is a distributor for Star Building Systems, a leading manufacturer of custom designed metal building systems for commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural use.  Our pre-engineered buildings are designed to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

A computer-assisted design helps create a building for a specific use.

These buildings are intended primarily for commercial, industrial or institutional occupancies. They feature a structural steel framework of primary and secondary members (rigid frame, beams, purlins and girts, trusses, and columns) onto which cladding and roofing components are attached.


The complete building system is pre-engineered for easy on-site assembly.



 Information coming soon....



  • Ridge vents

  • Sliding doors

  • Steel frames 

  • HVAC units

  • Roof vents

  • Walk-in doors

  • Canopies

  • Exhaust fans

  • Wall vents 

  • Door closures

  • Ice rakes

  • Craneways 

  • Roof lites

  • Special doors

  • Eavestrough & down spout Louvers

  • Special hardware

  • Windows Insulation and lining

  • And more..

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